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    1. Eclipse

      Eclipse - Introduction!

      Heya! Since I am quite new on the forums & the server in general, I thought It'd be nice to send out an introduction. My name is George, but you'll find me as "Eclipse" on all social platforms, including this forum as well. I'm currently 13 years old, but I am turning 14 in just 3 months. I am...
    2. Eclipse

      Eclipse - Staff Application

      What is your in-game name? Jman9821 What is your Discord and tag? Eclipse#6825 How old are you? I am 13 years old, thus closing 14 on January. What is your timezone? UTC+2 (EU, Greece) Are you able to record game footage? Yes Do you have a Microphone?: Yes Have you been muted...
    3. Eclipse

      Zikkel - Staff Application

      Neutral - Your application is grammatically correct & has a nice way to the text formatting, all though having a little more experience and additional detail on certain answers, especially the important ones containing vidal information for you to become a staff member would be nice. Overall, a...
    4. Eclipse

      Hello everyone.

      Heya! You can call me George, and I'm also a new forums member. Vulgrim seems to be a unique server so far, and my expectations are high for its outcome. Hopefully, by release time, It'll have a much bigger community, and things will get more active, making the network even better.