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  • Important Punishment Appeals Guide | Format

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    If you have been punished and you believe you didn’t deserve said punishment, you can appeal that punishment here! Please read through this information and follow the format so we can review your punishment and possibly remove the infraction!

    Below is all of the information that you will need to know in order to submit an appeal. Please keep all of this information in mind when filling out the appeal for the best case of your punishment being revoked.

    Evidence: Please keep in mind that our Staff Team is trained to capture any and all evidence if possible before punishing a player, so please refrain from lying because we will be able to find out. This mainly applies to bans for hacking, however, for chat offenses we are able to check your chat logs. Please be honest with us for the best chances of your punishment being removed.

    Excuses: Your chances of getting your punishment removed will be drastically decreased if your appeal is full of excuses that don’t support why you were falsely punished. Please refrain from making up excuses for your punishment.

    Extra Information: If your appeal has been denied, please do not submit another one, either wait out your ban/mute or purchase an unban/mute. Do not message a Staff Member to review your appeal, we will get to it. If you message a Staff Member to review your appeal it will be instantly denied. Overall, what matters most is honesty, if you are honest your chances of having your punishment revoked will be much higher than if you are lying and making up excuses. Also please do not message and pester staff to review your appeal, doing so will result in instant denial.

    Date of punishment?:

    Why were you punished?:

    Have you been previously banned on Vulgrim?:

    Why should you be unbanned/unmuted?:

    Any evidence to support your appeal:

    How to Appeal

    Just click the 'Appeal Now button and fill out your appeal.​
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