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    What is your in-game name? Zikkel

    What is your Discord and tag? Zikkel#0001

    How old are you? 15

    What is your timezone? GMT+1

    Are you able to record game footage? Yes

    Do you have a Microphone?: Yes

    Have you been muted and/or banned on Vulgrim before?: I have not.

    How much time can you dedicate to Staff Duties?: Three to four hours a day at the minimum in-game, though I'll always put in the effort to be there outside of that, whether that be on Discord or the Forums. I'll be off school for the weekend, so that'll be around the time where I'm most active.

    Have you previously been staff, either on Vulgrim or another server? If not, describe any leadership experience you may have. Please provide proof.

    Pixor Reborn: https://snipboard.io/El5CGL.jpg

    Pixor is a french MMORPG server with six-hundred members. It's yet to release for v2. I learned how to properly engage with a community & am genuinely thankful that I was able to meet some of my best friends there.

    I understood that having a mature character didn't mean being serious all the time. It meant picking up on queues and being respectful to those around you, no matter your differences. Being mature doesn't exclude you from having fun.

    Kryith (https://snipboard.io/wh2glC.jpg)

    Kryith used to be a simple way to organize DnD games with friends. It quickly evolved into a hub of creativity, discussion & like-minded DnD lovers. I learned some valuable skills here. How to organize an event, schedule an event, and lead the event without any additional hassles. A good leadership experience.

    Why do you want to be a staff member on Vulgrim? I love prisons, one of my favorite game modes. Also the sheer impressiveness of the leaks have reeled me in to become part of the team. The team seems nice and competent. It's been an honest while since I've filled the shoes of a staff member & I think I'd regret turning this opportunity down. I'm also franco-English meaning that I can speak both languages in written or verbal. And I gotta admit, I kinda do like being apart of the staff team in a project. It's rewarding to help others.

    What experience have you had working in a Team?: A lot. Yeah, a lot. School projects, DnD feuds. I think I've had it all. In most of the DnD games that I host, we choose sides and make alliances. For example, in my last game, I made the Elven Dominion and wrecked the Orc Imperium (aka Brayden and Mac, two buddies of mine.) I like working in a team. It's some weight off your shoulders, though I wouldn't shy away from soloing. I'm a mix between lone wolf and pack guy.

    Scenario #1 - You're in a heated discussion with another player in public chat, and they call you a nasty name. What is your course of action? First off, I would've avoided getting into a heated discussion with a member of the community. My thought process if they swore at me would be to warn them > mute them if they don't listen.

    Scenario #2 - The players have discovered a dupe bug, and they're at spawn handing out millions of dollars of items. What would you do? Take evidence of the situation, ban the offenders and inform my superiors immediately.

    Scenario #3 - It's late at night, you're the only staff online and you're quickly getting overwhelmed by the influx of questions. How do you handle this? Ping my buddy Joe (not a real guy on the team. I assure you.) on the staff team, who I know usually hides from questions. And not get overwhelmed, I signed up to answer questions after all.

    Scenario #4 - Under what circumstances is it acceptable to /ignore a player? Please explain your reasoning.: Excessive messages / harassment. Though I'd try to avoid ignoring anyone. If they're constantly sending you idiotic messages that don't warrant a mute, then that'd be the course of action that I'd take.

    Is there anything else you would like to add?: Maybe thanking you for going through all this text.
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    Neutral - Your application is grammatically correct & has a nice way to the text formatting, all though having a little more experience and additional detail on certain answers, especially the important ones containing vidal information for you to become a staff member would be nice. Overall, a decent try, good luck! (y)